The city of Castrovillari is located in Calabria, souther Italy. The city is in the foothills of Mount Pollino, in the so-called “Conca del Re”, a valley flanked by the Coscile river. As evidenced by the archaeological finds, the area where the city stands appears to have been frequented since the Paleolithic era and subsequently inhabited by the ancient population of the Enotri in pre-Roman times.

The screenings will be held in the suggestive and magical setting of theĀ ARAGONESE CASTLE.
The castle was built between 1461 and 1490 at the behest of Ferdinand I of Aragon. For years he has been a symbol of oppression and suffering, retaining its role of prison of the city for over 500 years. After ten years of restoration, the Castle reopened after a long period of closure in 2011 becoming one of the most important cultural centers of the city.

To promote the artistic sharing with the public and the meeting between the authors, the directors of the selected short films will be hosted by the festival that will cover the accommodation costs (travel costs are borne by the participants). Authors will be contacted via email for all information.